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You took the leap and built a business that you're absolutely PASSIONATE about from the ground up. 👏🏾 You love the work that you do and want to continue serving your people in the best way possible. Here's the thing: as you grow and expand your expertise, you realise that the same manual processes which worked at the beginning, just aren't cutting it anymore. You have more brilliant ideas, more clients, and more pesky weekly and monthly admin tasks that need to get done within the same 24 hours as before so that your business runs smoothly.

As a team of one, your focus should be on what you excel at – serving your clients directly and, above all, nurturing and replenishing your own energy. I know this thought has crossed your mind but let me say it plainly: you didn't reach this far to be bogged down by inefficient business systems that stagnate your vision.

Picture a beautifully structured digital workspace, tailored to your unique needs. It's a place where information is easily accessible, projects and tasks are effortlessly managed, and you feel in control. It's a system that elevates your productivity and fuels your growth!

My mission is to liberate you from outdated systems, empowering you to do your best work.

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It's time to reinvent your processes.

Take the day off for some much needed you-time 🪴️

Manual processes suck. From invoicing to client onboarding, it's time to enter your blissfully-easy digital era using techniques to automate these repetitive tasks, leaving time-sucking processes behind.

Focus on your unique zone of genius 💡

Each of us has a distinct set of skills and expertise that sets us apart from others. It's what you channel to serve your clients and it's the very essence that drives your business forward. I mean it when I say not to worry if organization and workflow optimization isn't your jam. Seriously, it's absolutely okay, because that's precisely where my zone of genius shines. As your personal digital architect, let me take care of your business systems while you continue to excel at what you do best.

Impress clients 🥳

We've all been on the receiving end of a service at some point in our lives. What sticks with us? What captivates us and makes us spread the word about a business? For many of us, it's a hassle-free client journey that puts us at ease and builds trust. We will work together to ensure that you have the systems in place to deliver exceptional client experiences consistently.

Solutions tailored to you ✨

There's nothing better than a system designed to match the way you think and work. I understand that off-the-shelf templates might not always fit the intricacies of your business. By taking the time to get to know you, your goals, and your unique pain points, we'll craft a custom built solution that you'll fall in love with.

Finally, peace of mind 🧘

Breathe easy, knowing that your business is equipped with clear and efficient systems crafted exactly for you.

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Your journey to organizational bliss begins here ✨

Notion Magic

Whether you’re a Notion super-fan or newbie, you seek a system that suits the way you work. Your custom solution is designed and built so that you don’t waste any time fiddling with layout, databases and formulae. Breathe easy — knowing that your solution is built to make your heart sing.

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System Audit

A complete audit of your business systems, processes, tools and the way you work. Using a holistic approach, we delve into your day-to-day operations enabling the development of a strategic action plan with recommendations on your next best steps towards organizational bliss.

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Tana Coaching

A 1:1 coaching container where we develop and build your digital system in Tana. Tana is an intelligent all-in-one workspace that allows seamless input of the information that you interact with on a daily basis. Your business organized in Tana means that information is quickly at your fingertips for you to do your best work.

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Office Hours

For those seeking 1:1 live help with their digital ecosystem. Perfect if you have multiple questions about a Notion build or your Tana setup. Office hours are also open to persons new to Notion and want to ensure that it’s the best tool for them by consulting with a Certified Notion Expert first. 

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In a digital landscape with an abundance of options that can make you feel overwhelmed, let me help you develop clear and simple systems fortified with strategic brilliance and unwavering purpose.

Digital Tools

Done-for-you solutions to get you started managing your business right away!

Solopreneur OS

The foundational systems that you need to feel in control of your business, all in one place, to get you started on the right foot.

You'll receive:

A system for managing your goals, projects, tasks, client relationships and finances.

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A bit more about me...

I'm a multi-passionate creative with a love for solving problems using digital tools and the systems that fuel them.

I've been obsessed with organization since childhood. I was always that kid who people turned to when they needed help getting things together. Fast forward 10 years and I became known as the most efficient intern after medical school.

My passion for organization led me to study how digital systems impact the services that a business offers. While working in Notion and multiple other digital tools over the past 3 years, I've honed my skills to transform disorder into well-structured, practical, and beautifully crafted digital systems.


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