Tana Keys

The easiest and most comprehensive way to learn Tana.

Everything you need, in one place

A self-paced course that teaches you the fundamentals of Tana in a simple and easy to understand way.

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Core content

20+ lessons that can each be completed within 20 minutes or less.

Each lesson takes you step by step through the topic at hand with the aid of pertinent and illustrative images, slideshows or videos.


Keep track of your progress, complete practical exercises that help solidify your understanding and make notes on what you want to reference later.


A visual reference point for Tana beginners seeking clarity on new or unfamiliar terminology. The glossary includes 30+ definitions and a table that compares similar terms from other popular digital tools.

Starter Kit

A set of commonly used pre-configured supertags so that new Tana users don't start completely from scratch.

A beginner-friendly curriculum

Starting with the basics, each lesson is carefully crafted to provide clear explanations, ensuring that you feel confident to work in Tana as you progress through the course.

Text Lessons

Lessons carefully written to cover Tana's functionality, from the essential basics to learning best practices that strengthen your unique workflows.

Video Lessons

Engaging video lessons provide valuable insights and practical demonstrations to enhance your learning.


Complex topics made simple in a visually appealing and concise format.

Course Curriculum

Nice to meet you

My love for Tana began before I even started using the app. I instantly became mesmerised by glowing words that I later came to know as supertags and the idea that I could add checkboxes to literally any item that I wanted. This paired with an amazing community and team — what more could I ask for?

Tana is a beautiful and powerful tool but many have shared feeling overwhelmed and confused while getting started. I hope that Tana Keys makes this transition from novice to master a smooth and enjoyable journey. See you inside the course!

Tana Enthusiast & Ambassador

Frequently asked questions

This course is for Tana beginners who want to learn the fundamentals needed to implement the workflows that matter most to you within Tana. We cover the basics as well as best practices to ensure that you have a robust understanding of all Tana components.

The beauty of Tana Keys is that you can learn at your own pace! Whether you finish the content in a few days or take your time, Tana Keys will always be a reference point for you to revisit whenever you need.


Feel free to ask questions you have in the dedicated comments section beneath each lesson.

Tana is rapidly evolving. The course content will be updated as new features are released.

Tana Keys

The easiest and most comprehensive way to learn Tana.

Access the course for $70

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